How to Bet on Football March 2024 NFL, NCAA and More

The outcome gets a lot more interesting when you give the bad team a 20-point head start. Betting on the favorite with the point spread requires that team to win the contest by a certain amount of points. Betting on the underdog with the point spread will allow that team to lose the contest, as long as it’s not by more than the posted number. While there is no “best” way to bet on football, most people place a wager on the point spread.

That said, promotional offers, which include first-time bonuses and odds boosts, increase your chances of turning a profit. These promos vary based on the sportsbook and change throughout the year. Some casual bettors don’t want to worry about the point spread or the over-under, they just want to pick a winner. Betting on the moneyline means you’re just picking the winner of the game, with no point spread or other factors involved. Since there is no point spread involved, betting on the favorite requires you to bet more to win a desired amount on the moneyline.

This indicates an underdog with a lower chance of winning but a higher potential profit. We’ve identified the most popular NFL bets suitable for new and beginner bettors. Learn how to bet on the NFL draft in our 2024 guide and consult our how to bet guides — specifically our NFL betting guide and our CFL betting guide — to study the basics and fine-tune your betting strategy. This means the favored team must win by a specified number of points or the underdog will receive those points. Lastly, taking note of team trends and patterns can uncover mismatches that give you an edge.

However, implementing this strategy effectively requires an accurate assessment of a selection’s chance of winning. This can help you understand a player’s potential to influence the game’s outcome. Similarly, the xPts metric uses past match data to predict the number of points a team might earn in future games. The xG metric assigns a probability to a shot resulting in a goal based on the scoring opportunity’s quality. A thorough analysis of football teams and their matchups can yield valuable insights, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

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Here, you can place wagers on everything from Monday Night Football showdowns to regular season games. There are free football tips everywhere, but expert football betting predictions are not that easy to find. If you are a football fan wishing to be guided by experts on the best football predictions today, then you’re in the right place.

We have an incredible array of world football betting tips on so many betting markets. Our football match betting tips are drawn from statistics and proper research on different betting markets to help you navigate each game. So, if you are looking for advice from experts with a high win rate, then our platform is your go-to hub. With 32 NFL teams playing 17 games a season, there are countless opportunities for you to bet on football.

The most common type of these betting cards is the half-point parlay card. Each game is assigned a half-point spread (i.e. -3.5, -7.5, etc.) to prevent ties. Bettors can choose to wager on as many games as they’d like, usually up to 15 selections depending on the provider. In addition to the half-point parlay cards, some oddsmakers offer pre-made teaser offerings as well.

The best or most trusted betting sites listed within this guide provide vital customer service, hold valid operating licenses, and promote security. The NFL’s 18-week regular-season schedule includes 17 games for all 32 teams, with the time slots earmarked for Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. That translates to 272 games — excluding the playoffs — and betting opportunities galore. For prop bets, you are wagering on a specific instance or aspect of the game.

With platforms like BetUS offering a wide range of betting lines and odds for online football betting, bettors can explore various options including parlays and futures to maximize their potential winnings. In conclusion, while the thrill of sports betting is undeniably attractive, it’s essential to approach it with knowledge and responsibility. Understanding the regulations, choosing licensed sportsbooks, leveraging bonuses and promotions, and practicing safe betting habits are all crucial aspects of a rewarding and enjoyable betting experience. Whether you’re a novice bettor or an experienced player, the world of online sports betting holds a plethora of opportunities for you to explore. Mobile apps offer a range of features that enhance the betting experience.

Looking ahead, the terrain of the sports betting industry is continually evolving. An increasing number of states are moving towards legalizing online sports betting, indicating a progressive trend in the industry. Claiming a welcome bonus typically involves registering for a new account, meeting the deposit requirements, and entering a promotional code if necessary.

  • Prop bets, short for proposition, are bets that are on anything not specifically related to overall result of who wins or loses.
  • On the other hand, prop bets, also known as proposition bets, are wagers on specific outcomes within an event that are not directly tied to the game’s final score or result.
  • We advocate for betting sites that offer real-time customer service via live chat, email, or phone.
  • Keep an eye on our Super Bowl 58 odds page for the latest Big Game betting trends.
  • This guide demystifies the top sportsbooks, unpacks the legal landscape, and shares strategies that could tilt the odds in your favor.

The top mobile sports betting platforms are designed for easy navigation, making the betting process quick and intuitive even on small screens. Parlay bets, for instance, combine multiple wagers into one, offering the opportunity for greater payouts if all selected bets win. However, while betting on heavy favorites presents a lower risk, it provides little profit and carries the risk of significant loss if the favorite underperforms. Yes, you are encouraged to browse the offerings at various online betting sites. Shopping the lines and identifying which sportsbook is paying out the most for each bet is part of the research process. Saturdays are all about NCAA football, whose season kicks off on Aug. 28.